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Conversource stocks a wide variety of specialty tapes and pressure-sensitive products from 3M and Tesa plus a number of smaller, quality manufacturers. This is a small listing of the specialty tapes available from Conversource. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Conver-Dots Core Starting Adhesive Dots
Conver-Dots are the perfect method for attaching the leading edge of the web to the rewind core. A Conver-Dot is a film disk with an aggressive permanent adhesive on one side and a light removable adhesive on the second side. Conver-Dots come in roll form, on a liner. When the web is eventually unwound from the core, the liner removes cleanly from the Conver-Dot, leaving no residue on the back of the liner. The Conver-Dot remains on the core. (C225)

3M 616 Red Lithographers Tape
616 is photographically opaque and optically transparent. Its thin backing makes definition and edges sharper. Resists slippage.

Tesa 4156 Red Lithographers Tape
Premium red litho tape from Tesa.



Tesa 53016 Edge Sealing Tape
Ideal for sealing the edges of flexographic printing plates, preventing inks and press solvents from attacking the adhesive on plate mounting tapes.

Flagging Tape
3/8” red pressure-sensitive tape used to flag position in rewind rolls. (C201)

3M 425 Aluminum Foil Tape
A single coated industrial tape that can be used as a barrier to help prevent inks and other solvents from penetrating between the tape and plate. When the tape is adhered around the perimeter of the plate, overlapping both plate and mounting tape, it can effectively minimize the potential of plate lifting during the press run.

3M 9415PC
9415PC is a double coated tape that is permanent on the applied side and release coated on the face-up side. Often used for core starting.

3M 2090 Blue Long Mask Masking Tape
This tape is ideal for tabbing plates, holding, bundling and sealing. The adhesive leaves no residue.

Masking tape - low tack
General purpose premium masking tape with low tack adhesive. (D202)


3M 200 Masking Tape
High performance general purpose masking tape.



3M 232 High Performance Masking Tape
High performance premium masking tape designed with extended temperature resistance.

3M 371 Carton Sealing Tape. 1.2 mil backing
3M Highland Brand polypropylene packaging tape. Offers adhesion and backing strength for many box sealing applications. Available in Tan (T) and Clear (C).

3M 375 Carton Sealing Tape. 2.0 mil backing
3M Scotch Brand superior polypropylene packaging tape. Designed for demanding applications. Aggressive adhesive instantly adheres to a wide variety of surfaces including recycled, polycoated and double wall boxes. Strongest backing provides the highest tear and split resistance while offering conformability. Available in Clear (C) and Tan (T).

3M 2516 Paper Box Sealing Tape
A general purpose flatback paper tape. Its rubber adhesive provides firm adhesion that will bond to most surfaces.


3M 373 Carton Sealing Tape. 1.6 mil backing
3M Scotch Brand high performance polypropylene packaging tape. Can be used for recycled, polycoated and double wall boxes. Stronger backing provides better resistance to edge tear and splitting due to shock from impact. Adhesive sticks at a touch to fiberboard without dwell time. Available in Clear (C) and Red (R). Other colors on special order.

3M 396 Super Bond Film Tape
396 Tape is ideal for many splicing applications on light or heavy-duty paper stocks as well as difficult surfaces such as films and poly-coated papers. 396 Tape bonds well to nylon, polypropylene, acetate, polyester, polyethylene and vinyl. Its tough, flexible, polyester backing and thick, high-tack rubber adhesive offers excellent performance for splicing, repairing, holding and reinforcing.

Transfer tape - permanent adhesive
Permanent dry adhesive transfer tape. Ideal for web splicing and core starting. (S356)

3M 924 Adhesive Transfer Tape
A double coated tape that is ideal for permanent applications.


3M 950 Adhesive Transfer Tape
950 has a high tack adhesive for textured or hard to bond surfaces.


3M 465 Adhesive Transfer Tape
.002” thick adhesive transfer tape with easy liner release for manual or hand application. Product is custom slit to user’s specifications, up to 24” width.

3M 928 Adhesive Transfer Tape
928 has a high tack permanent adhesive on one side with a repositionable adhesive on the other.

3M 410 Double Coated Paper Tape
A general purpose double coated paper splicing tape.


3M 665 Double Coated Tape
665 is a linerless tape with a slight side-to-side adhesion differential.

3M 256 Flatback Paper Tape
Flatback paper is used in many applications.

3M 471 Vinyl Tape
471 is ideal for many applications. It conforms and holds with limited slippage and removes easily.

3M 690 Colored Film Tape
690 is a colored film tape featuring a durable, moisture and chemical resistant film backing with a rubber resin adhesive. This tape is excellent for various packaging, color coding and attaching applications.

3M 810 Scotch Magic Tape
The same tape that you use at home for a wide variety of applications.




3M 850 Polyester Film Tape
850 is a premium transparent film tape ideal for many pre-press applications.

3M 9415PC
9415PC is a double coated tape that is permanent on the applied side and release coated on the face-up side. Often used for core starting.

3M 9925XL Double Coated Tissue Tape
Offers permanent bond of medium to heavy weight materials.


Duct tape - 2” x 60 yards
Cloth structure duct tape with aggressive adhesive. Suitable for a wide variety of uses. Available in Silver (S) and Tan (T). (C202)

3M 600 Transparent Film Tape
600 is a clear tape with an acrylic adhesive.




3M 610 Transparent Film Tape
610 is a multi-purpose, economically priced transparent film tape that can be used for a wide variety of light duty uses.



3M Highland 897 Filament Tape
A glass strand filament tape. With its filament carrier and durable backing, it is long lasting and withstands sharp edges and corners.

3M 9500PC High Performance Double Coated Tape
9500PC is ideal for joining a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials where high bond strength, high shear strength, high temperature performance and good UV resistance are required. .0055” thick.