Mounting Tapes
We stock 3M, Tesa, Focus, Harley and Adhesographics.  Custom cut to your exact requirements. click here

Conversource specializes in custom cut plate mounting tapes.  We inventory mounting tapes in master rolls, often as wide as 54".  We custom cut tape orders to the exact needs of our customers. With our Custom Cut Program, you order exactly what you need.  We cut to your exact requirements and you'll pay for exactly what you receive.  Our Custom Cut Program reduces waste, saving you money.

Splicing Tapes

Splicing tape - PVC
A thin strong film tape coated with a high performance adhesive, chosen for its high shear strength. Available in both red and clear. Many press operators prefer red because it is easy to visually follow the splice through the press. Available in various widths. (Clear - C221C; Red - C221R)

3M 9498 Splicing Tape
A double coated non-repulpable splicing tape

Splicing Tape - Flying Butt Splicer
A brown kraft pressure-sensitive splicing tape designed for use on flying butt splicers. Ideal for folding carton and other heavy substrates. (T4313)

Tesa 4970 Splicing Tape
Double-coated splicing tape for general lap splicing purposes. It is also used on Flying Butt Splicers.

3M R9996 Repulpable Flying Splice Tape
R9996 is a repulpable double-coated tape laminate with a low release split liner.

3M 396 Super Bond Film Tape
396 Tape is ideal for many splicing applications on light or heavy-duty paper stocks as well as difficult surfaces such as films and poly-coated papers. 396 Tape bonds well to nylon, polypropylene, acetate, polyester, polyethylene and vinyl. Its tough, flexible, polyester backing and thick, high-tack rubber adhesive offers excellent performance for splicing, repairing, holding and reinforcing.

3M 914 Repulpable Skip-Slit Form Splicing Tape
This is a completely repulpable, forms splicing tape that is tinted blue for quick identification. It features a semi-bleached, heat resistant backing, and has a center skip-slit for easy separation. This 5/16” tape fits between most sprocket holes.

3M 9500PC High Performance Double Coated Tape
9500PC is ideal for joining a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials where high bond strength, high shear strength, high temperature performance and good UV resistance are required. .0055” thick.


Splicing Tape - Clear Polyester
High performance polyester splicing tape. (C222)


Splicing Tape - Perforated
A clear splicing tape specifically designed for splicing cross-perforated webs. (C229)

Splicing Tape - Silicone
Web splicing tape with an adhesive especially formulated to adhere to silicone coated surfaces. (C228)

A PVC tape available in a variety of colors. Often used as a flagging tape. (D203)


3M R9999 Repulpable High Strength Flying Splice Tape
Similar to R9996 but with a high strength adhesive.

3M 690 Colored Film Tape
690 is a colored film tape featuring a durable, moisture and chemical resistant film backing with a rubber resin adhesive. This tape is excellent for various packaging, color coding and attaching applications.

3M 850 Polyester Film Tape
850 is a premium transparent film tape ideal for many pre-press applications.

3M 853 Polyester Film Tape
853 is a transparent polyester tape with an acrylic adhesive for high tension butt splicing applications for many paper, plastic and other non-traditional materials. The acrylic adhesive offers high chemical and solvent resistance.

3M 8402 Polyester Silicone Adhesive Tape
Designed for splicing silicone liners and papers and splicing of films subject to high temperatures.