Tint Sleeves
We have tint sleeves to fit every size mandrel.
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Pressroom Accessories

Tint Sleeve Air Probe
The Rotometrics Tint Sleeve Mounter makes it easy to mount tint sleeves onto a tint sleeve mandrel. Using shop air, the sleeve is slightly stretched, allowing it to easily slide onto the mandrel. The sleeve tightly grips the mandrel when the air source is removed.

Tint Sleeve Cutter
Using a razor blade in a secure holder, the Rotometrics Tint Sleeve Cutter easily cuts tint sleeves to precise widths.


Silencer/Tension Control
The Lamination Silencer/Tension control greatly reduces the noise generated by the unwinding of self-wound overlaminates. Noise levels reduced from 90 decibels to 75 decibels at a distance of 3 feet. (Test was conducted on a Mark Andy 2100 running 150 feet per minute with a 5” wide selfwound overlaminate. Ambient noise level without overlaminate recorded at 70 decibels.) In addition the unit stabilizes unwind pull and provides more consistent and controllable tension of the overlaminate. Also, it eliminates the “slapping” effect that is so common with selfwound overlaminates. Easily installed with bolts or “C” clamp and fits most narrow web presses. (C135)

Viscosity Cups
Calibrated Zahn equivalent viscosity cups are the ideal method to monitor the viscosity of inks and coatings. This cup has been improved and complies to the requirements of ASTM D 4212. Each cup is furnished with a table which permits conversion between efflux time in seconds to the nearest 1/10 second to viscosity in centistrokes. (C116)

Nova-Strobe units are self-contained 1.5 pound, rugged lightweight, stroboscopes that are ideal for printing applications. Nova-Strobes can be “Daisy Chained” together, where additional units are slaved to the control of a single unit. The standard unit is manually adjusted to the press speed. (C127).  We also offer an articulating mounting arm for strobe. (C127A)

Venturi Trim Removal System
The Conversource Venturi Trim Removal System will pull edge trim from within the press and deposit behind the press. Connected to shop air, the unit is an easy solution for handling waste that cannot be accumulated on a waste rewind. Using the included industrial magnets, the unit can be easily mounted on presses or slitter/rewinders. (C110)

Narrow Web Cleaners
Clean webs easily with the Polymag narrow web cleaning system. Using an innovative continuous contact system, the Polymag unit will remove particles of less than one micron in size. Requiring no electricity or compressed air, the Polymag cleaner takes only minutes to install on your narrow web label press. The Polymag system is available in three configurations, engineered for specific locations on the press. Polymag systems are available for all popular label presses.


Core Adapters
Adapt your press core holders to easily handle materials on larger cores. Solidly constructed and economically priced. Conversource core adapters are available in any width and any I.D./O.D. (C130 & C131)

Deluxe Material Web Guide
The Conversource Deluxe Material Web Guide is a heavily constructed material guide for overlaminating films. A unique feature is its running lateral position adjustment. By turning the knurled adjustment knob, the material position is precisely adjusted. The Deluxe Material Web Guide can easily be mounted by either clamping or bolting to the press sideframe. The unit is well-designed and built to provide years of trouble-free service. (C137)

Pinfeed Hole Punch Assist
Hangers are no longer a problem with the Pinfeed Hole Punch Assist. Assists your pinfeed die by completely punching through cut hangers left in the pinfeed holes on the web. The Pinfeed Hole Punch Assist mounts easily onto any label press and easily adjusts to any size web. Results in clean pinfeed holes without slowing press. (C138)

Pocket pH Meter
Most water-based ink manufacturers recommend the use of a pH meter to monitor ink, in conjunction with viscosity measurement. Our Pocket pH Meter is microprocessor based and is accurate to +/- 0.2 pH, with a resolution of 0.1 pH. (C117)

Bench pH Meter Kit
An accurate and affordable bench pH meter. Each kit includes: meter, combination pH electrode, buffers (4, 7, 10), 9-volt battery, instructions and carrying case. This is a high quality, easy to use meter with 1/2” digital display. Accuracy: .01 pH; Resolution: 0.01 pH. (C117-A)

Ink Pumps
This outstanding peristalic ink pump design eliminates all contact of pump parts with the ink. A flexible tube passes through the pump head where it is alternately compressed by a set of rotating rollers, resulting in a flow of ink through the tube. The standard configuration consists of a pump head attached to the motor. A separate control console can be placed at a convenient location. If required, multiple pump heads may be driven by a single motor. 600 rpm systems can be configured with up to two pump heads. 100 rpm systems can be configured with up to four pump heads. An added benefit of this design is the flexibility to use various hose sizes. Hose is available in 50’ rolls. (B200)