Mounting Tapes
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Chemicals & Aerosols

3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
Super 77 Spray Adhesive works fast and easy and is ideal for many applications where complete adhesive coverage is desired. It has a fast, aggressive tack, yet resists soaking.



Yellow Magic UV Ink and Varnish Cleaner
Yellow Magic is a fast, easy to use cleaning product for flexographic UV inks, UV varnishes and UV coatings. Yellow Magic is a water-based product, containing only 2.2% VOC’s, 22 g/l. Yellow Magic has a “0” flammability rating. Available in 5 and 55 gallon containers. (B100)

Sonic Kleen Cleaning Solution
A big factor in the proper cleaning of a ceramic anilox roll is the cleaning solution. Sonic Kleen was developed specifically for cleaning these rolls. It’s formulated to thoroughly clean the rolls while still being safe and easy to handle. Also, Sonic Kleen does not contain any carcinogens. Available in 6 and 30 gallon and containers. (SS1-06 & SS1-30)

Sonic Kleen Neutralizer

In many localities, it is necessary to neutralize the spent cleaning solution before disposal. Added powdered Sonic Kleen Neutralizer produces a neutral pH solution with solid ink waste particles. Available in 50lb containers. (SS2-50)


CR-1 is the most widely used ultrasonic cleaning chemical and can be used in any brand of ultrasonic cleaner. Available in 6 gallon containers. (C126)

No. 101 TFE Dry Lubricant
A multi-purpose non-silicone lubricant release agent for photopolymer or rubber printing plates. By preventing ink buildup on plates, jobs run cleaner and print quality increases. 14.7 fluid ounces. 12 cans per case. (S101)


Flexo Spray Coat
A unique treatment that controls ink adhesion on printing plates. A light coating sprayed onto the printing plates effectively prevents the accumulation of dried ink in non-printing areas. Especially useful when running process, vignettes and screens. (S100)


Platekote Release Coating
Similar product to Flexo Spray Coat, listed above. (M100)




Flex-O Plate Wash
An aerosol spray cleaner for photopolymer and rubber flexographic printing plates. The foaming cleaner rapidly liquefies ink with light scrubbing, using a soft brush. Residue can then be wiped or rinsed off. (S103)




3M 94 Plate Sealer
Apply 3M 94 to the back of printing plates to eliminate plate lift.




No. 60 Degreaser
Aerosol degreaser that is ideal for use in the pressroom. Will remove ink, dirt, grease, oil, fresh paint, etc. (S60)




No. 945 Silicone Spray
Stops sticking and also lubricates. Spray onto nip rollers to reduce adhesive and ink buildup. 11 fluid ounces. 12 cans per case. (S945)




Orange Goop
Orange Goop is an excellent pressroom handcleaner. It's non-toxic and biodegradable, like Original Goop, but offers an increased ability to remove inks and paint because of its citrus component.  Available in 1 gallon dispenser or individual packets.



No. 946 Food Grade Silicone Spray
Same as No. 945 but a food grade product that complies with FDA regulations. 18.5 fluid ounces. 12 cans per case. (S946)

Oil-Flo Adhesive Remover
Remove unwanted adhesive squeeze-out from impression rollers, idler rollers, pacing rollers and tooling. Oil-Flo is a proven adhesive remover that works well on many types of adhesives. It is a unique water-soluble cleaner of exceptional dissolving power. Oil-Flo solubilizes the adhesive so that a water rinse can remove all residue. Oil-Flo is safe to use on metal, and many plastics. Do not use on Lexan (polycarbonate plastic) without first testing. (T100)