Mounting Tapes
We stock 3M, Tesa, Focus, Harley and Adhesographics.  Custom cut to your exact requirements. click here

Conversource specializes in custom cut plate mounting tapes.  We inventory mounting tapes in master rolls, often as wide as 54".  We custom cut tape orders to the exact needs of our customers. With our Custom Cut Program, you order exactly what you need.  We cut to your exact requirements and you'll pay for exactly what you receive.  Our Custom Cut Program reduces waste, saving you money.

Plate Mounters

A plate mounter is an essential accessory for even one or two color jobs. Without a plate mounter, it’s difficult to mount a plate squarely onto the printing cylinder. All printing presses allow for registration adjustment across the web (lateral registration) and along the web (circumferential registration) but there is no way to correct for a plate that has not been mounted properly. The only solution is stopping the press, removing the printing cylinder and remounting the plate. Using a plate mounter ensures properly mounted plates before they go to press.

In addition to our broad line of narrow web plate mounters, Conversource is an authorized distributor of Harley Opti-Chek plate mounters and mounter/proofers for wide web applications.

Conversource VersaMount 24
The VersaMount 24 can accommodate a wide range of printing cylinder widths with repeat lengths up to 24”. The printing cylinder is securely positioned between two tapered centers, accepting a wide range of printing cylinder inside diameters without the need for adapters. A pivoting straight edge aids in drawing guide lines and cutting mounting tape.

A unique feature is the multi-position right sideframe. The base plate provides four locations for the positioning of the right sideframe. In about 10 minutes, the VersaMount 24 can be reconfigured to accomodate different ranges of printing cylinder widths.

In the past, tabletop plate mounters were width specific. If you bought a 10” press, you bought a 10” mounter. When you bought a new, wider press, you bought another plate mounter. With the VersaMount 24, you’d reconfigure the mounter to also work with the wider printing cylinders. No additional investment would be required. Click here for downloadable PDF Data Sheet.



Harley MVP-500
Harley's excellent table-top video plate mounter features dual 9" B/W monitors and can handle repeats from 3" to 24".  The system is available with or without a proofing platform.