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Sheeter & Perf Blades

Removable blade tooling is widely used throughout the narrow web label and tag industry for sheeting and cross perforations. We stock both sheeter and perf blades for immediate shipment. Blades will be cut to your specified length.
Sheeter Blades
We stock .240”, .250”, .918” and .937” height sheeter blades to fit most manufacturer’s removable blade tools. Other sizes are available on special order. (C205)
  Perforating Blades
We stock .240”, .250”, .918” and .937” height cross perforating blades in the following perf patterns: 6 TPI (Teeth Per Inch), 8 TPI, 10 TPI, 12 TPI and 17 TPI. Other heights and patterns available on special order. (C206)