Mounting Tapes
We stock 3M, Tesa, Focus, Harley and Adhesographics.  Custom cut to your exact requirements. click here

Conversource specializes in custom cut plate mounting tapes.  We inventory mounting tapes in master rolls, often as wide as 54".  We custom cut tape orders to the exact needs of our customers. With our Custom Cut Program, you order exactly what you need.  We cut to your exact requirements and you'll pay for exactly what you receive.  Our Custom Cut Program reduces waste, saving you money.

Label Rewinders

Conversource is your authorized distributor of Web Techniques Rewind Tables. Web Techniques manufactures the finest rewind tables in the industry with products that will exceed your expectations. Since their introduction in 1976, Web Techniques roll label rewinders have earned a reputation for providing an economical and efficient means of rewinding printed material. With an optional Razor Blade Slitting Attachment, they can also provide an inexpensive means of slitting multiple-width pressure-sensitive die-cut labels into individual rolls. Units come with cam-lock core holders. Air activated core holders are available.  Call Conversource to discuss your specific rewinding requirements.

Model WT-25 Rewind and Inspection Machine
• Economical
• Fast Setup
• Predetermined length counter



Model WT-25LCI Rewind and Inspection Machine
• Synchronized automatic strobe
• Extended web path
• Rewind and inspect
• Photoelectric counting system


Model WT-25LC Rewind and Inspection Machine
• Photoelectric counting system
• Exact label counts