We inventory doctor blades in 328' coils (100 meters).  We can supply full coils, partial coils or individually cut blades.

Doctor Blades

Conversource is an Authorized Distributor of Daetwyler MDC premium doctor blades. MDC blades are manufactured of the finest steel available and are made to exacting tolerances. MDC blades are the finest in the world.

Modern flexo presses are equipped with an anilox roller/doctor blade combination as an inking system. While single reverse angle blade systems are used for most narrow web presses, midsize and wide web presses are normally equipped with enclosed doctor blade systems. On all configurations, the wiping doctor blade is always applied in a reverse angle between 30 and 40 degrees. Due to the abrasive surface of ceramic anilox rollers, minimal doctor blade pressure is always recommended. Equally important for good doctor blade life is the relationship between cell configurations (shape/count) and blade tip thickness. For most water-based and solvent-base inks, .006” blade thickness is ideal. Heavier-bodied inks and coatings often require thicker blades.

The award winning blade with a consistant tip thickness. The contact area remains unchanged throughout the entire life of the blade, therefore, no changes in tonal value or or gradation occur due to the wear. The special polished contact zones of these doctor blades guarantee a quick start-up without problems.
This carbon or stainless rigid blade wipes sharply to reduce hazing. This configuration provides stability with minimum wear-in time. Available in standard bevel blades and in the Multiblade (with 2 degree bevel).
The tip configuration of the StableFlex blade is designed to “ride” with press vibration, reducing or eliminating chatter marks.
  One Step
Providing additional blade thickness for strength, the one-piece construction of this blade eliminates the need for a backup blade, allowing for straight mounting without deviation.
The coated tip significantly lengthens the life of the blade, providing clean doctoring, resisting corrosion and greatly eliminating drag-outs. Great choice for abrasive inks and coatings.
The durable nickel-based coated tip protects this blade against corrosion. Designed for use with high pH inks, this blade significantly reduces score lines in flexo applications.
Exclusively for flexo applications, this coated blade enhances blade and anilox roller life. Proven to last longer than other coated flexo blades, this blade is perfect for use with pearlescent and other abrasive inks.
The double-radius blade extends blade life while reducing anilox wear. These blades can be used with both solvent and water-based inks.
Plastic Doctor Blades
Premium Polyester/MYLAR® doctor blade with standard bevel edge. This type of doctor blade is most commonly used as a containment blade in chambered doctor blade systems. Although occasionally used as a conventional doctor blade, they do not meter ink as well as a steel doctor blade. (PDR)
  Pre-Punched Doctor Blades for Aquaflex Presses
Pre-punched plastic doctor blades for Aquaflex flexographic presses. (PDR-Aqua)