We offer many pressroom chemicals and aerosol products.
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Press Supplies

  • On-Press
  • Brushes
  • Misc. Tools

Die Washers - Fiber
Fiber washers are used to align rotary tooling between the bearing blocks. Available in all sizes. (C226)



Die Washers - Plastic
Plastic (nylon) washers are used to align rotary tooling between the bearing blocks. Commonly used in conjunction with fiber washers (Item #C226 listed above), plastic washers are available in .0806” thickness and either .750” or 1” inside diameter. (C227)

Ink Wipers
Conversource stocks foam ink wipers to fit most popular narrow web flexo presses.


Static Tinsel
Static tinsel is commonly used on converting equipment to reduce static electricity problems. (C121)


Die Packing Foam
Used in many situations when rotary diecutting. We stock pressure-sensitive foam in a variety of thicknesses. (C230)


Tack Cloths
Tack cloths are often used to remove dust and dirt from a moving web. Made of resin-impregnated cheese cloth, they can be clipped or taped to a crossbar, dragging against the web. Cloths are 20” x 16” and are available in a carton of 144. (G150)


Stainless Anilox Roll Cleaning Brushes
Stainless steel bristles for cleaning ceramic anilox rolls. DO NOT USE ON CHROME PLATED ANILOX ROLLS. (C150)



Printing Plate Cleaning Brush
Pure pig hair brush for cleaning flexographic printing plates. (C152)




Horsehair Plate Cleaning Brush
Pure horsehair brush for cleaning flexographic printing plates. (C154)


Brass Anilox Roll Cleaning Brushes
Brass bristles for cleaning chrome plated anilox rolls. DO NOT USE ON CERAMIC ANILOX ROLLS. (C151)



Halftone Brass/Horsehair Plate Cleaning Brush
A combination of brass and horsehair bristles makes this brush ideal for cleaning fine detail on flexographic printing plates. It is especially suited for difficult to clean plates with hard, dried ink. (C153)

Anilox Roll Covers
Heavy duty covers to protect your expensive anilox rolls during storage. Available to fit all sizes of anilox rolls. (C208)


Industrial Razor Blades
Economy single edge razor blades. Package of 100. (C118)


Steel Rulers (Scales)
Satin chrome finish flexible steel rulers. Graduations: 32nds, 64ths, 50ths & 100ths. (F100)


A brayer is used to iron a printing plate firmly to the mounting tape. Available with hard or soft rubber roller. (C203)


3M Squeegee
Ideal for smoothing flexo plates onto plate mounting tape. This is an aternative method to using a brayer, pictured above. (PAB-1)